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Professor Nasser David Khalili is a world-renowned scholar, collector and philanthropist. Our objective was to digitally support his monumental mission to use the power of art and education to foster peace and unity worldwide. We provided a tailored service across the board including Digital Marketing, Social Media, Film Production, Website and Application Development Services.


We provided a full-scale film production service, using professional high-end equipment. A comprehensive Social Media campaign has been deployed to generate awareness of Professor Khalili’s life's work. Our bespoke timeline development is designed to encapsulate a selection of  his achievements.


We designed & developed a bespoke website (with a Wordpress CMS) combining advanced high-end designs with full Search Engine Optimisation for all content.
We also developed a sleek and coherent timeline with management functionality for all of Nasser David Khalili's past, present and future achievements which will be uploaded to the website along with organic dynamic news accordingly.
Our advanced media filtering allows users to find all files with ease by refining searches for video playback, images and text.
Our Film Production team went above and beyond by producing a short and engaging introduction film of Professor Nasser David Khalili. Our team of specialist filmmakers spent one day with the client, displaying their ability to work within tight deadlines.
Additionally, we designed and produced a series of Instagram shorts promotional use which have proved to be very successful.


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