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The Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Communications Director are key appointments for a CEO in today’s volatile business world where Reputation, Product & Service Innovation, Customer Loyalty and Employee engagement can mean the difference between success & failure in an ever competitive marketplace. F1 Search has over 30 years experience working with senior talent in the Marketing and Communications sector and the website will give you critical insight into the skills set that differentiate a good operator from a great operator.


F1 Search is a world class high level chief marketing operations and chief communications directors recruitment agency. Working on the website for F1 Search was made easy with our high end software and equipment with our dynamic responsive featured homepage Video Slider which allowed optimisation on videos and images on the page.


The finished product was integrated with RSS news feeds with the latest high level financial news with an extension to a page on the website for dynamic news and blogs. The project was managed with WordPress content management system allowing us to integrate Google tracking along with a live Twitter feed with all media optimised to any screen format.

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